Superacció (which translates to ‘overcoming’ in English) is a non-profit organisation that works with young people at risk of social exclusion to overcome this possibility through action and sport. Specifically, the work and training of triathlon and sport serves as a vehicle for Superacció to collaborate with young people who, for various reasons, have been abused by the ‘system’, or have not had the opportunity to learn or develop the tools needed to adapt to it.

And It’s much more than sport. Through a broad and constant programme of physical, artistic and expressive activities, we can help to break stereotypes and for these young people to participate, grow and adapt to different conditions and cultures. In the hands of specialists and professionals from each sector, the methodology used by Superacció empowers, enriches and motivates young people to seek a new path of social inclusion.

Since 2012, Superacció has been working with different entities, generating synergies and exploring opportunities for growth. It aims to give visibility to this need, offering more and more young people ways to improve.

More specifically, this is achieved through two lines of work:

  • Social inclusion of minors and young people at risk of exclusion through sport.
  • Expressive training for personal development.


Superacció official member of the Sirius European Network 2.0

Last Friday, February 11th, Superacció began to be part of the Sirius European Network 2.0 with the 100% of votes in favor. A way to launch a work path together with other associations and agents in Europe and being able to open horizons, always thinking about the protagonists: teenagers and young adults.

The Sirius program is a Network made up by 50 European associations and present in 20 countries and its goal is the analysis of migrant education programs and policies. The methodology used is called Peer Learning Review, where professionals from other countries are welcomed to value different current projects about migrants and education carried out in other places such as our own in Barcelona –Superacció- and help each other by exchanging experiences.


‘Propietarios de sueños’ (or ‘Dream owners’ in English) is a documentary that gives visibility to the issue of social exclusion in our country and particularly the task of overcoming it and alleviating it. It also presents the great challenges faced by young people in their daily lives. The documentary shows examples faced by some young people in 2017, such as the Titan Desert: a tough race where the Sahara is crossed by bike. The Superacció team competed led by the coach, presenter and Olympic medalist Pedro Gracia Aguado (@pedrogaguado).

The stories of Edu, Aya, Elías, Lokman and Lahcen serve as the guiding thread for this story that gives light to the multiple labels that society puts on them alongside their fight to get rid of them.

The documentary serves as a tool for Superacció, as it provides visibility to its activity and methodology of social inclusion. It also has enabled us to raise funds with the aim of starting up a day centre which today caters to many younger ones. This space for Superacció has increased the follow-up of cases, as well as the number of young people supported. It serves as an important daily boost to the activity and social work of the organisation.

The council of the Fundació Tomando Conciencia (Raising Awareness Foundation) collaborates with the documentary, which was produced by the creative agency, ‘Bakery’.


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